80 min  $1,800 pesos


The Spa’s signature treatment "Vision through dreams” incorporates different techniques: swedish, lomi lomi, hot stone and lymphatic drainage. Integrating the application of thermotherapy- using herbal compresses, that creates a deep state of relaxation and purification of the soul through the benefits of copal and myrrh, in the same manner as used in the Mayan pre-Hispanic times.

50 min $1,500 pesos
80 min $2,000 pesos


The main benefits of this massage are, improving blood circulation, eliminating toxins, releasing endorphins and reducing stress. Medium slow pressure manipulations.

Deep Tissue
50 min   $1,500 pesos
80 min   $2,000 pesos


Ideal for people suffering deep contractions, and for athletes, because it relieves or reduces pain and muscle tension. Thus promoting the relaxation of the body. Deep slow pressure manipulations.  

50 min. $1,600 pesos
80 min. $2,200 pesos


Aromatherapy is the perfect fusion of relaxing massage with the special benefits that nature provides us, through the extracts and essences derived from flowers, wood and spices. These, applied in specific areas, help to detoxify and align the body. This therapy is also used to counteract problems such as stress, migraines and circulatory problems, among others.

50 min. $1,500 pesos


Acupressure points in hands, feet and skull are applied to unblock energy channels of the body, and reduce stress. It helps improving the functions of organs and systems and regain the lost balance.  

50 min. $1,500 pesos


Eastern technique that restores the proper flow of body energy. According to Oriental medicine, physical and emotional illnesses are a result of blockage of energy flow. Shiatsu is recommended to relax muscles, improve rheumatism, arthritis, digestive problems, asthma, insomnia.

Back Massage
30 min  $800 pesos


Designed to eliminate or reduce the stress in the back, neck and shoulders

Harmony Ritual – Massage for tired feet
30 min. $500 pesos


Excellent option to start or supplement any Spa treatment. Enjoy a combination of mineral salt exfoliation with a relaxing massage in feet. This treatment will help relax the muscles of the neck and shoulders due to the thermo-therapy applied.

Lymphatic Drainage
80 min. $2,000 pesos


This treatment accelerates the defense system by activating one of the most important systems in our body, the Lymphatic System, because of the functions carried out for cleaning (removal of toxins and fat). Light slow pressure manipulations.  

30 min. $1,000 pesos


It helps break the fat nodules and reduce cellulite, thanks to the manipulations combined with a special product with lipolytic effect and draining. Ideal to sculpt your silhouette. For best results we recommend taking a minimum of 5 sessions.


50 min $1,600 pesos
80 min $2,200 pesos


Sportive massage is designed to address those specific concerns in order to prepare the athlete for peak performance, while minimizing the risk of injury. It helps to alleviate stress and tensions that build up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity, whether a person in an athlete or a once-a-week jogger.

Balancing stones
50 min. $1,600 pesos
80 min. $2,200 pesos


Increase the effects of massage with the benefits of the stones. There minerals help to restore the balance of the body by absorbing negative energy. The manipulations and the pleasant temperature of the stones provide oxygen and will help to achieve a higher level of relaxation.

For boys – 6-12 years old

30 min. $400 pesos
50 min. $750 pesos


After so much fun, your body needs a break to continue enjoying your vacations. In addition, the massage helps to relieve anxiety, helps the digestive system, reducing the discomfort of growth, helps sleep and boosts the immune system.

For girls – 6-12 years old

30 min. $400 pesos
50 min. $750 pesos


Make your holiday unforgettable enjoying your first spa experience with Mom. Early massage helps calm anxiety, helps the digestive system, reducing the discomfort of growth, helps sleep and boosts the immune system. Do not miss this experience.

Mini hot stones
30 min. $550 pesos


Ideal to relax on your vacation after so many hours of study, the hot stones will help relax your back and prepare your mind for better school performance.

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