Facial/Skin Care

After Sun
50 min  $800 pesos

Provides freshness, relaxation and relief to those sun-damaged skins. Soothes and reduces sensitivity of the skin, giving optimum hydration.

50 min  $1,500 pesos

Designed specially for skin that suffers irritation due to daily shaving, dehydration and fatigue. Detoxifies, soothes and refreshes, restoring vital appearance in the face.

Moisturizer – Recover water in your skin
50 min  $1,200 pesos

Formulated with the Hydra-system concept, it helps our cells to produce and maintain their optimal level of hydration.

Nourishing – Dry skin
50 min  $1,200 pesos

Fights and prevents the dryness, wrinkles and fine lines. It compensates the lack of lipids, common in mature skin.

Purifying – Oil control
50 min $1,200 pesos

Its main components: Sepicontrol & Sopholiance, will rebalance and correct sebum production, while impurities are being removed. Provides a matte appearance to the skin.

Royal Jelly and Vitamin C – 4 in 1
50 min  $1,500 pesos

Specially for a radiant skin

  • - Moisturizes
  • - Purifies
  • - Balances
  • - Prevents aging

Timexpert lift – Instant lift
80 min  $2,500 pesos

Ideal for skin sagging, retrieves the volume of the face, prevents wrinkles, helps getting firm skin instantly.

Timexpert rides – Fill expression lines
80 min. $2,500 pesos

Eliminates wrinkles and expression lines without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Regenerates skin and fills wrinkles simulating the botox effect, to reduce expression lines of everyday gestures.

For girls – 6-12 years old

Sand castles
30 min. $550 pesos

If your forgot to take the sunscreen facial, this treatment will help to soothe the pain of your burned skin after playing so many hours in the sun. if you also feel discomfort in your body, ask your therapist for the body treatment that will give relief.

Sunscreen facial
30 min. $500 pesos

Get ready to play in the sun with this facial that will give your skin the hydration and protection you need without having to suffer the unpleasant consequences of burns.

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